Shoulder injuries in football

Among football players, there are various shoulder injuries that can occur. Even though protective gear is used, the nature of the sports makes one prone to injuries. As a football player progresses in his/her ability levels, they run faster, strike harder and face more risks, which make them vulnerable to shoulder injuries.

0What are the common forms of shoulder injuries?

The types of shoulder injuries among football players tends to vary and typically linked to the playing position. Quarterbacks are prone to shoulder tendinitis due to the continuous overhand throwing movement.

The prevalent types of shoulder injuries include shoulder separation and dislocation. The other common injuries include:


The shoulder injuries vary from minor to severe where most players can return to full play in a week.

What are the causes?

Shoulder injuries generally arise from contact. The contact that occurs in the sport can come from other players from a tackle, collision or block along with impact to the ground.

Player contact is responsible for most injuries while contact with the ground is responsible for some cases. In addition, a percentage of injuries occur from overuse or training injuries.


The shoulder injuries vary from minor to severe where most players can return to full play in a week. In one week, the players might utilize a combination of adequate rest, application of ice and compression to promote healing.

A small percentage of injuries necessitate more than 3 weeks of rest and physical therapy with only a low percentage that requires surgery.


Individuals who play football can take several preventive measures to lower the chances of shoulder injuries.

The initial step is to use properly-fitting equipment or gear particularly the shoulder pads. The fitting must occur after a pre-season wellness and health assessment. After being fitted, use the right tackling and blocking technique.

The ideal sport-specific conditioning and strengthening regimen can improve stability, strength and balance of the joint to prevent injuries.

More Information / Disclaimer

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