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Mark Asha

Mark has been involved in First Aid and CPR training for over 20 years. He has taught for a number of providers including the Canadian Red Cross, Lifesaving Society, Rescue 7 and finally with St Mark James Training. He has trained over 100 instructors and taught over 1000 first aid courses throughout Canada. He works as an instructor trainer for Winnipeg First Aid as well as a first aid auditor for a number of companies throughout Canada.

Jaime Caj

Jaime is a part time nurse for a popular hospital in Winnipeg. He helps with the content of the website and with more advanced training including ACLS and BLS courses. He has been teaching advanced life support courses for over 10 years and loves to engage the public in safety training.

Stephen Con

Stephen is the head instructor at Winnipeg First Aid. He has been teaching advanced and basic first aid courses since 2013. He is passionate about helping and encourages the community to brush up on all safety skills and knowledge. He is known for his story telling and high energy.

Ibrar Ayuub

Ibrar has been the lead designer of our website. He has significant experience in web design and technical expertise in html. He has been working with Winnipeg First Aid since 2014.

Dr. Alexander Jasper

Our head medical editor and writer for our blog posts is a newly graduated doctor. He is passionate about health and wellness and educating the public on basic first aid and CPR. On his spare time he writes health articles to a number of popular health websites including Winnipeg First Aid.

Dr. Lim

Doctor Lim is our head medical adviser for St Mark James Training in Winnipeg. He is a Canadian surgeon that has reviewed the programs offered at Winnipeg First Aid and provided his provincially required approvals.


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