Passengers uncooperative after crash

A 19-year old who died after a crash was given CPR. The incident in Abbotsford might be linked to alcohol and excessive speed.

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Four men ranging from 19-25 years old were driving in a red Acura when the vehicle somehow lost control in a rural area of Townline and Olund roads. The vehicle rolled, veered off the road and came to rest partially in a ditch.

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Immediate delivery of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is vital during emergencies.

According to the police, one 19-year old passenger was ejected from the vehicle. A witness stated that she was flagged down by someone in the car and then all 4 men begged her to transport them to a hospital directly and not to call the police. She called 911 anyways but by the time the paramedics arrived, the driver fled the scene.

Const. Ian MacDonald stated that members who arrived on the scene were confronted with a set of circumstances that did not add up which set off a series of red flags.

The police stated that all the passengers sustained serious injuries in the crash but the 19-year old suffered critical injuries. The paramedics performed CPR on the teen but he was declared dead in a hospital. The other men are expected to survive.

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Immediate delivery of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is vital during emergencies. You can enroll in a first aid course today to learn this life-saving technique.

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