Pedestrian seriously injured in Abbotsford crash given first aid

A pedestrian who was seriously injured in Abbotsford crash received first aid. The emergency crews in Abbotsford responded to a serious collision involving 2 pedestrians – an adult and a child.

Dangers in the road

For Debbie Hawryliw who works nearby, she was jolted from her desk moments after the crash. She hear the tires screeching, followed by a thud and screams. It was a horrific sound.

Winnipeg first aid

The prompt delivery of first aid care during emergencies can save a life.

According to the Abbotsford police, the incident occurred at the intersection of Montrose and Essendene avenues. Hawryliw stated that a couple of bystanders with first aid kits rushed to help stabilize the man while they waited for the arrival of the ambulance. Luckily, the boy was not seriously injured.

The man was transported to a healthcare facility with serious injuries. Hawryliw stated that an elderly man was behind the wheel. The intersection was closed for several hours while the police investigated.

Timely action to save a life

The prompt delivery of first aid care during emergencies can save a life. Being prepared to perform the appropriate skills can improve the chances of survival.

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