Abbotsford teen athlete given CPR in fatal hit-and-run

An Abbotsford teen died despite CPR in a fatal hit-and-run incident. The driver involved in the hit-and-run case involving star athlete Desmond Bassi, 17-years old, turns himself in.

Dangers on the road

The driver is also 17-years old faces criminal charges. In less than an hour before the driver turned himself in, another 17-year old showed up at the police department and stated that he had been a passenger in the suspect vehicle.

Winnipeg first aid

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The victim, Bassi left a party that took place on a side street off Clearbrook Road with a small group of friends. The group walked along Clearbrook Road and west on Blueridge Drive towards Mt. Lehman Road. At some point, Bassi got far enough ahead of the group that they did not witness the collision.

Two drivers travelling east on Blueridge found Bassi lying in the road. They pulled over and called 911. When the police arrived, the teen was severely injured. Two officers took turns in delivering CPR but the boy was declared dead in a healthcare facility about an hour after.

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