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What is reactive airway disease?

An individual with reactive airway disease has an airway that overly reacts to some irritants. The term is typically used to describe an individual who is wheezing or experiencing bronchial spasm but not yet diagnosed with asthma. What are the signs? The indications of reactive airway disease are strikingly the same as asthma with symptoms […]

What is a brain stem stroke?

A brain stem stroke can significantly affect important bodily functions which makes it a dangerous condition. The brain stem is responsible for controlling breathing, blood pressure and the heartbeat. It also controls swallowing, speech, eye movements and hearing. What are the signs? The signs of a stroke are based on the area of brain that […]

Seizures: What are the potential effects?

Seizures are described as erratic electrical activity that briefly disrupts the brain function. It can trigger symptoms as severe as convulsions or can be mild such as a momentary phase of altered consciousness. Close look on the possible side effects of seizures Injuries and accidents Individuals who experience grand mal seizures that cause loss of […]

Can seizures occur during sleep?

Seizures occur due to the erratic electrical activity in the brain which results to alterations in movement and level of consciousness. The signs of a seizure tend to vary for every individual. Some experience seizures while asleep which can be alarming initially. The type that manifests is based on the cycle of sleep the individual […]